Basics of Steel Building Construction

Looking into steel building installers Billings MT for your business, government, or personal project can feel intimidating if you don’t have any background. The seasoned experts at Iron Works Construction can walk you through the process more thoroughly, however, here are a few key components that will be helpful to have some familiarity with:


1. The Four Walls

Of course, each building has four walls. Within steel building construction, each of these four walls has a name- the front sidewall, left endwall, back sidewall, and right endwall. Each of these walls is regarded the same, throughout the build, no matter where you stand within the structure. Oftentimes, these are referred to as acronyms, such as FSW, for front sidewall.


2. Foundation and Anchor Bolt Drawings

Aside from the general building drawings, metal building installation Billings MT requires these two other sorts of drawings, as essential parts of the construction process. Foundation drawings are the designs for the foundation upon which your building will sit. These must be approved by a licensed engineer prior to obtaining a permit for your project. Anchor Bolt drawings specify where anchor bolts, the rods which attach the building to its foundation, will be placed. 


3. Weld-Up vs Bolt-Up

Weld-up building, or field-welding, is where steel frame members are welded together permanently. Each piece is attached with care and can be done so expertly by the team at Iron Works Construction, specializing in welding Billings MT. Prefabricated by a manufacturer, bolt-up construction requires no welding and instead consists of assembling the structure using bolts.


4. Typical Building Size 

Determining the size of your steel building will be one of the most important factors through this process, with first-time builders most frequently wishing they’d opted for additional square footage. There are no standard sizes for steel buildings, however, 30’x30’ is usually the smallest size built. Ultimately, each is designed according to the client’s vision and local codes. 

Approaching each project with a high level of care, passion, and attention to detail, the artisans at Iron Works Construction are the solution to your metal building installation needs in Billings MT.

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