Must-Have Welding Tools & Equipment

If you are just getting started with welding Bozeman MT, here are some essential items to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

The proper welding helmet

The welding helmet you must use is an auto-darkening welding helmet ( These types of welding helmets allow you to easily see what you are welding while staying safe. This will also help to prevent welding errors or frustration that could arise when you first begin to weld.

The right clothing

For your own well being and safety, certain clothing must be worn when welding. This includes a jacket and pants made of flame-resistant material. It is also advised to make sure you are wearing something that covers your head such as a hat to protect yourself. Welding gloves are also absolutely necessary to protect your hands when welding. Thicker gloves will give you more protection while thinner gloves can give you better precision at times. 

Welding Clamps

You will need several welding clamps for any welding project. This is what will cause your welding to be secure, aligned and accurate!

Speed Square

A speed square is another necessary tool for any welding project. This tool helps with measuring your materials and ensuring you are working with the right angles or lines.

Fire extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher handy when welding is very important for safety reasons. You are working with flames so it is a good idea to have an easy way to put out a fire if necessary. When welding there are lots of sparks and heat, which creates an environment where a fire could easily start. The best types of fire extinguishers for welding are usually combination extinguishers.

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