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4 Tips on Do It Yourself Iron Installation Montana

Iron and steel installation Montana can be difficult procedures. It is important to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the process so that you can maximize your results and the effectiveness of the installation. There are many common types of iron installation Montana including iron balusters, cast iron water broilers, and iron fences. The following four tips will focus on iron baluster installation and will help you on your way to favorable “do it yourself” experience:

  1. Preparation of the work area and purchase of parts: The first step when proceeding with the installation process is protecting your work area. To do this, you should cover all furniture and decor in the surrounding area. This will avoid your items getting damaged from sawdust and other debris that builds up. You can buy balusters at your local home improvement store or off Amazon. 
  2. Cut and remove old balusters: Using either a Jig or Reciprocating Saw, cut the balusters in half. Carefully remove them by slowly wiggling them around. Nails will then be worked loose in which you should use pliers to remove them. 
  3. Cut balusters: Measure and cut your new balusters about ¾ longer than the space between the tread and the handrail. Using a pencil helps to mark the length accurately. It is important to also build a jig to hold in place while you cut it. 
  4. Insert new balusters: Once cut properly, add base shoes (if you are using them) then slide the iron balusters into place. You can add the shoes using hot glue. Put a little bit of hot glue at the top end of the baluster and insert it into the railing on top. Hold down on it for about 4 seconds and then you’re done!

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