Top 3 Safety Tips From a Welding Specialist

Top 3 Safety Tips From a Welding Specialist

Consider these three safety tips from Iron Works Construction

Welding is a craft that can result in beautiful and well-made works. However, metal is not the easiest medium for creation, occasionally resulting in injury when creators do not practice proper safety precautions. Even the most skillful welding specialist must always exercise caution when pairing metal and flame. The following three safety tips from Iron Works Construction are vital to protect oneself from harm when building with metal:

Be cautious of edges.

When working with metals, different edges may take on different textures. While some edges are raw and sharp, others may acquire burrs that easily catch on the skin. Novice ironworkers should consider wearing gloves when learning to handle metal. An experienced welding specialist may opt to work barehanded, as it offers a better feel of the materials; if this applies to you, handle the metal with a gentle grip to prevent cuts and slices.

2. Invest in proper equipment.

Welding calls for a variety of equipment, all of which contribute to the final piece of work. Protective equipment worn by the welder, such as eye protection, gloves, etc., should be frequently checked for holes, rips or breaks. Additionally, investing in proper lighting equipment is vital to successful metal work. It is best to work with natural light paired with artificial light to prevent the shine of the metal from interfering with your quality of work.

3. Don’t rush.

Good work takes time. From inception through iron installation, don’t rush! This will diminish the chance of injury, damaging your work, or making a mistake. Yourself and the client will have peace of mind knowing that all work was done properly, in an appropriate time frame.

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