Welding Tips

For tips and tricks on welding Bozeman MT. Before you start welding practice holding the gun without actually using it. This will allow you to be comfortable prior to use. You can also change your positioning and welder settings to prepare for the welding. It is very important to do your research prior to setting up any equipment in order to prevent injury of mistakes when welding. If the welding process is done incorrectly, there could be errors such as pinholes. It is also important to become educated on the different methods of welding since no single method is the best for all applications. Make sure you are wearing the right equipment to protect yourself while welding. One should never look straight at a welding arc without a welding helmet and always handle equipment with heavy-duty welding gloves.

Once comfortable, prepare the piece of metal which you are welding by marking on it and degreasing it. You may also take this time to perfectly fit the metal pieces together at a 90 degree angle. Clamps are then used to ensure the metal pieces do not move from the desired position. When securing the metal pieces always check for edges that may be sticking out to ensure a smooth weld.

When it is time to finally weld your desired pieces make sure you do not over weld. The more metal that is deposited, the longer it will take to smooth off. In order to the the smoothest and flattest surface when welding, move your grinder along the weld, never across it. This will remove any extra marks. To finish your weld make sure to prime and paint the steel. At this point you may also smooth some clear wax over it or spray clear acrylic. The sooner you finish your weld the better. This will prevent any rust from forming. 

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